Chen Xiang took out the Yanlong furnace, which would allow him to refine the heavenly pill more quickly and smoothly. www.ka? nzww.coМ see.. Chinese.文!网 Human’s Heavenly Pill is different from that of monsters. For monsters, they can refine their body and animal pills into pills. However, because humans are of the same Endorphina type as Chen Xiang, they will have strong repulsion, so Human Pills do not Not advisable. This is the first time for Chen Xiang to refine the heavenly pill, but they are all similar, as long as he uses the method of refining all things in the la liga sky refining technique, he can remove all the impurities in the East and West, leaving only the purest and most powerful Those energies, so after Chen Xiang refined countless mountains before, he could get a pill. When the celestial pill was incinerated in the pill furnace, a large part of its energy began to be lost. Those energies were impurities or left the spiritual imprint of the original owner. After being cleared, the energy in the pill furnace would disappear The livescore becomes very pure, and the quality can be improved under the baking of the flame. When compressing, the quality will increase. In this way, even if the Tiandan loses a lot of energy, it can still maintain a certain value! It is also the same principle to refine the elixir into a pill, so it is very wasteful to eat the elixir directly, because after refining the elixir, the efficacy can be doubled or even more. “I remember that when Betway killed some old guys in BetWinner, their corpses were still hidden. Why don’t you use Msports to refine them!” Bai Youyou said, “It was originally intended to be used for devouring, but you The baccarat technique can be even better!” Chen Xiang shook his head and said: “No need, refining the corpses of those old guys will only waste my energy, the energy I need now is very

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