After entering the valley, Chen Xiang and Dongfang Jing immediately saw a noble and dignified woman in a purple dress, sitting gracefully on a stone bench, holding a book in her jade hand, reading it intently, her moon-like willow eyebrows slightly frowned , obviously encountered confusion, but this made her look like Bet9ja with a different flavor of forebet. “Big sister, look who’s here.” Yun Zhu called out lightly, Yan Zilan immediately turned her head, and after seeing Chen Xiang, her beautiful face was full of surprise, and then, like a burst of light, The wind, with a burst of intoxicating fragrance, came to Chen Xiang even stronger. “You little guy, my sister was worried about you back then.” Yan Zilan walked her nose and touched Chen Xiang’s head. Although her tone was reproachful, she was really happy. Back then she had witnessed Chen Xiang being raped. Hunyuan was smashed into a blood mist. Dongfang Jing is also admiring the beauty in front of her at this time, her smile and frown are so beautiful, although her aunt Dongfang Xinyue is also a peerless beauty, but the Yan Zilan in front of her is the first time she sees her, she looks very beautiful. stunning. “Bai Xing came back from Msports a few days ago, and she said she was going to leave for a while. By the way, why did you only ask her to go instead of us.” Yan Zilan said reproachfully. “This… If Miss Bai Xing uses that kind of trick to sneak attack, it will be better to bet the game!” Chen Xiang didn’t tell Yan Zilan what happened that day, because Bai Xing didn’t say either, the influence of this incident was too great. , the Great Elder of Taiyuan Mountain was killed, and it was related to Bai Xing, which would implicate Zilan Valley and Shengdan Gate. “Sneak attack or something, eldest sister and third sister are also very good at it.” Du Yanyao tied her ponytail and wore soft armor,

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