Looking at the corpses on the ground, Chen Xiang exhaled slightly. Although the demon rot and death aura is powerful, it can only deal with people with the strength of about Nine Calamities of Nirvana. Death, and he would run away, so he didn’t dare to use Morot Death Qi on these people, otherwise 22Bet would expose this matter. look!. ,中文.网 Chen Xiang let out a burst of flames and burned the corpses on the ground. After the corpses were burnt to powder, he saw a folded yellow animal skin! It was not burned by his fire, and it didn’t take advantage of the demon’s rot, which shows that this animal skin is not a mortal thing! He immediately picked it up, unfolded it, and found that it was a map! “The powerhouses in the Purple Moon Sacred Realm are basically dead, and only these guys came here on behalf of the Purple Moon Sacred Realm. Could it be that this map records the places where the ancestors of the Purple Moon Sacred Realm hid their treasures?” “Chen Xiang was a little excited, looked carefully, memorized the approximate location, and then put the animal skin into the Youyao ring, but the animal skin was still in his hand, it didn’t even enter the Youyao ring! “The map of the curious man city can’t be put into the Youyao Ring!” Chen Xiang was stunned, and tried a few more times, but it still couldn’t work. “Maybe it’s because Nairabet has Online Casino’s invisible powerful spirit pattern inside, so it can’t be put into the storage magic weapon! Otherwise, these people wouldn’t carry it with them!” Su Meiyao said, while she and Bai Youyou were looking after the comatose Dongfang flashscore quiet. Chen Xiang ran towards the hiding place marked on the map, which was near the casino slot. “Is that little girl alright?” Chen Xiang asked. “The internal injury is very serious, but she is slowly recovering after taking the life-saving pill. It seems that she has suffered a lot.

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