Download: Net.. Seeing someone scolding Chen Xiang for being kicked by a donkey for poker, those strong men in the Jinyang Tower were immediately dissatisfied, and immediately looked at the man with murderous eyes. Although Nairabet thought so in their hearts, but The man’s words like this undoubtedly made Chen Xiang not to continue. In their eyes, Chen Xiang was a vein of human-shaped spar, and now he was sending the spar to Jinyang Tower. Chen Xiang bought a bigger one at this time Yellow black ice, 35 billion crystals, everyone felt that he was confused now, and no longer used the third Evolution game eye, because he had never seen the yellow BGaming black ice at Betway, in fact, Chen Xiang is now The mastery of the Chaos God’s Eye has been improved, and there is no need to open the third eye, because the third eye is the most powerful Chaos God’s Eye, and now it is enough to use his original two eyes. He has already seen it with the Chaos God’s Eye just now. This piece of yellow ice did not notice any abnormality, that is to say, there might be nothing in it, “Old man, let’s do it,” Chen Xiang said hurriedly after tossing a storage bag to Elder Nawan, chelsa , Elder Wan was overjoyed, he had forgotten about the loss of the Xuanyu Snow Grass before, and he thought it had been paid back now, Li Baojun just touched it lightly with a finger that seemed to be burning red. The yellow black ice shattered into pieces, and there was another pile of fine ice crystals like sand. When everyone in Endorphina saw Chen Xiang peeling away the pair of sand-like ice crystals, they immediately sighed, and at the same time Roulette laughed at Chen Xiang, He actually threw 35 billion crystal stones in vain, “Headmaster, you send crystal Betting stones to Jinyang Tower, this is not your style,” although Li Baojun knew that Chen Xiang was confident that he could get out of these profound ice get out

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