List Chen Xiang came to Tianlei City, and soon found Yun Xiaodao and the others, they quietly left some codes in the city, man city Chen Xiang Chen Xiang followed the Spinmatic codes to find them. look. :中文网 At this time, in Tianlei City, everyone was talking about Chen Xiang defeating the Demon Lord of Tianlei, and they also laughed at those ancient forces in every possible way. Back then, those ancient forces said that Chen Xiang was doomed, and some old guys swore frankly He said that if Chen Xiang could come back, he would do whatever he wanted, but now he kept silent about those things. There are many casual cultivators in the city, and these casual cultivators are extremely hostile to those ancient forces. Many of them were tricked into it, enslaved, robbed, and oppressed, so those ancient forces are very unpopular now. Some powerful and prestigious casual cultivators began to act secretly, intending to unite a large number of casual cultivators. Chen Xiang and the others were in a luxury box in a hotel in Paripesa, surrounded by a large table with sumptuous dishes, but they had no appetite because Duan Chong did not come back. “Duan Lao’s strength is very strong, you don’t have to worry about Endorphina, sooner or later he will be able to get out of danger!” Chen Xiang betting said: “Our little strength is nothing in this New Emperor Heaven! I Although the Champions League can defeat the Sky Thunder Demon Lord, it has a lot of luck, if it is an old human guy, I might have died in Nairabet early!” Chen Xiang has the power and magic weapon to restrain demons. , Sportybet can cause heavy damage to monsters, but if it is a human being, it will be very difficult to deal with. “Let’s go after eating, our Jianglong City may have been built, go back and have a look! I will let you in

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