Long Xueyi was able to absorb a large amount of spirit energy from the crystal stone’s veins in the distance, but the amount was not much, and could not keep up with Chen Xiang’s refining speed, so he could only eat some high-grade spirit medicine to recover. Yun Xiaodao and the others have all entered the state of cultivation. The environment they live in is very harsh, but it doesn’t affect them. On the contrary, it can better hone their state of mind. Although Chen Xiang has mastered many high-level elixirs, he does not have the ability to refine these elixirs. If BGaming is put into the alchemy furnace to burn, it will only be a waste of elixirs! The aura contained in the high-level elixir is very strange, and it is very irritable. The higher the quality, the more difficult it is to subdue, let alone fuse with other irritable medicinal auras. His current divine power can reach the stage of controlling the heaven-level low-grade medicinal materials, but the alchemy he masters cannot reach that stage, unless he can master the multi-stage refining method to the fourth level, so that he can refine the earth-level high-grade pills. . Chen Xiang absorbed a large amount of spiritual energy from chelsa, and operated the Nine-turn Dragon God Art, refining the spiritual energy into divine power to fill the Divine Sea. Three days passed, Nairabet was full of energy, while Long Xueyi only took one day to recover. She only needed to eat some spiritual fruits, and Spinmatic could recover quickly. Chen Xiang couldn’t compare to her BetWinner. “Are you going to start refining mountains again?” Duan Chong joked, now he won’t be surprised, because he has become numb to the livescore. “Of course not, I’m tired of refining, and now I want to refine the ground!” Paripesa Chen Xiang felt that the state of the soul had improved a little after being extremely exhausted. Although it was very small, this kind of improvement can be clearly noticed, which can be said to be very huge. . He is not as fast as an imperial dragon like Long Xueyi in cultivating the divine way,

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