sodu,,return to the home page soduman city “Elder Yan…what happened!” Yao Shumei just asked, when she heard the light voice of the Demon Queen: “It’s Chen Xiang!” Chen Xiang shrank to the extreme. ligazhi, not long after the old man in the red robe stopped, Nairabet chased after him, betting with a blank face, raised his arms, and patted the old man in the red flashscore robe not far away, and saw a huge The blue dragon shone with a dazzling blue light and shot down from the sky, covering the red-robed old man. Chen Xiang felt several very strong resistances now, from the Demon Empress, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan, after they were shocked, they all rushed to stop him. “Hmph!” Chen Xiang roared, refusing to give in to these three powerful forces, suddenly ten thousand towering mountains appeared behind him, under the dark night, these ten thousand high mountains were shrouded in silver-white rays of light, just like that Appearing suddenly, not only does it bring a sense of violent impact, but it also brings a sense of power. “The Power of Ten Thousand Mountains!” Chen Xiang’s dragon claws suddenly grew bigger, and the aura and power generated by the Ten Thousand Mountains Map behind him rushed into his body, allowing him to gain a lot of strength. “Death!” Chen Xiang roared like a live betting dragon, and the murderous aura of that cyan dragon claw was overwhelming, and the murderous aura it produced covered the stars and the moon, making the world dark. With the invincible power of the dragon claw, it broke through the three forces that blocked him. The dragon claw gathered together, and the clear light illuminated the night. The huge dragon claw sprayed green air, like a dragon dancing wildly, swallowing mountains and rivers, inside the dragon claw The old man in the red robe was squeezed together by a force and turned into a ball of meat! “Hmph, what do you mean? How dare you stop me from killing people!” Chen Xiang said angrily

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