Download: Li Baojun took a breath, he had only heard of longevity fruit, but he didn’t know how longevity fruit grows like this, Chen Xiang actually has two! Compared with the Longevity Fruit, the Longevity Pill is nothing more than rice grains and mountains. How can people who have the Longevity Fruit not be able to afford the Longevity Pill? Everyone was certain that this was the person who issued a reward order some time ago to ask others to help alchemy Nairabet. Everyone found him very hard, especially the people from the Feng family, because the strong man they sent was killed at that time. , bxwx.org Reading Network Now there are many people in Betking who want to take Chen Xiang down, but no one dares to do it in the Evolution game. If they dare to show the longevity fruit casually, there must be two brushes, and no one wants to be the leader bird. Ditian’s rebirth can be described as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Now no one dares to say that he is the strongest in this area. Even the mighty Demon Queen suffered a big loss at the Evil Dragon Burial Ground. “Demon Empress, I have a dozen Zhuyan Pills here, all of which are of the highest grade at the ground level. If you need it, I can sell it to you right now.” Chen Xiang laughed. “No need.” Zhuyan Dan can be bought in the heavens. Li Baojun coughed twice on purpose, and said, “Nine hundred and ten billion, does anyone want to increase the price?” After Li Baojun finished speaking, he paused for a while on purpose. Ten billion!” Chen Xiang didn’t add any more, he felt that it was very worthwhile to sell a flashscore Endless Life Pill at this price, and at the same time, it would allow Jianglongmen to have trillions of spars as development resources. “It seems that this demon queen has many enemies in the heavens. She was injured here. She wants to recuperate here before going up to the man city, so as not to get hurt.

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