There were many people in the Danta hall, Chen Xiang glanced at the hall inside the Danta, and then shifted his gaze to the Premier League crowd outside, searching for the source of that familiar aura. look. :中,文网 Soon, he saw a middle-aged man dressed simply. Although Li Baojun was much younger, Chen Xiang could still recognize him from the outline of his face. Li Baojun frowned when he saw a young man with an unattractive appearance walking towards him, because the person in front of him was not like Chen Xiang baccarat, and there was no trace of disguise. Judging from the breath of Betting’s true energy, he was just a warrior of the ultimate realm , There are a lot of people like this in Dancheng. “It’s me!” Chen Xiang smiled at Li Baojun. Li Baojun was taken aback for a moment, he was still wondering why such a person approached him, but he didn’t expect that it was really Chen Xiang. “Senior, go to another Surebet247 place to talk. Parimatch” Chen Xiang sent a voice transmission to Li Bao live betting Jun. Li Baojun nodded hastily, he is already getting excited now, because he will soon see the longevity fruit, there are many old alchemy kings in the alchemy tower who are waiting for the longevity fruit to appear, but they don’t know that the person who owns the longevity fruit is just It was Chen Xiang whose life and death were unknown. “Hey, let’s go.” Li Baojun put his arms around Chen Xiang’s shoulders, wanting to go to a place where he could talk quickly, and then look at the Longevity Fruit. Chen Xiang took Li Baojun back to the small house, entered the secret room, and then changed back to his own appearance, which made Li Baojun startled. “Did you take some pills that can change your appearance? This is too powerful, Paripesa, what kind of pill is it in the bet game? It is said that this face-changing pill is a heaven-level low-grade pill. It can not only change the appearance, but also change the body shape , and… gender.” Li

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