Golden dragons followed one after another, the roar of the dragons shook the sky, golden light shone in all directions, and at the same time golden lightning danced like a huge power grid, covering the sky and the earth. The novel guide Lan Cang, a real dragon, couldn’t help feeling emotional. Although he evolved step by step, he also knew that the secret method Chen Xiang used belonged to the imperial dragon clan. Hundred dragons seal, hundred dragons attack and kill, each dragon’s power is twice as strong as the previous one, when it reaches the hundredth one, maybe man city can destroy the world! However, Chen Xiang’s strength can’t reach the level of Bailong, and there are only ten dragons in Msports, but there is a bottomless sinkhole on the ground! “Did I win?” Chen Xiang stood beside the huge pit with a width of hundreds of feet, looked at the bottom of the bottomless pit, and murmured. “That girl will be wiped out without Endorphina?” Chen Xiang was suddenly very worried, this Ji Meixian was very valuable in his eyes in the Premier League, far surpassing those fairy medicines. He took out the blood contract from that day, and what made him feel relieved was that Ji Meixian’s master-servant contract had been fused with him, and he could feel that Ji Meixian’s weak vitality was gradually becoming stronger. In the deep pit, a faint golden light suddenly appeared. Spinmatic took a closer look and found that it was Ji Meixian who slowly floated up, and the body-protecting divine garment appeared outside her body. At this time, she had already passed out. “Haha, Sister Youyou, this woman Evolution Game can help you wash your feet in the future!” Chen Xiang couldn’t help laughing, and then took a few pills to restore his true energy, and at the same time make his tired poker spirit strong stand up. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou felt relieved, as long as Ji Meixian lives

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