We are committed to creating the most complete free romance 97 romance so awesome o(≧v≦)o so awesome welcome, [] novel search article/Chen Xiang enters the field of fire in the center of the earth these days, while cultivating the body, from those A large amount of rich true energy is extracted from the white flame for cultivation. At this time, the physical body has reached his expectation, and his true energy has also been improved. If you successfully pass through the second calamity of Nirvana, not only will your flesh color be tempered again, but you will also get a lot of bestowed power, and your power will be multiplied! However, if he caused the Nirvana Tribulation by himself, he was worried that the power of the Nirvana Tribulation Online Casino would not be enough, because his current physical body was very strong, and he did not have enough tribulation power to shake his body that was close to the Dacheng of the Immortal Demon Body. The fusion of the two-bone soul evolution game not only made his bones stronger, but also his entire physical body was greatly improved. Coupled with the blood of suppressing demons and the blood of jade dragon in his body, his self-healing ability is even stronger , he felt that even if he cut off one arm, he could quickly give birth to one. “Only a stronger Nirvana Tribulation can make my immortal body great!” Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, he had already made up his mind to give it a go, he wanted to see how the Dacheng immortal body was poker! “Three of these five people have survived the seventh calamity of Nirvana, and the other two have survived the eighth calamity. If they don’t die, they themselves have survived one calamity, so you have to kill them while they are through.” Long Xue Yi said. The way to improve the Premier League with the help of Nirvana Tribulation, only those monsters with very strong physical body live betting often go to Liverpool, such as those dragons. Chen Xiang has always been curious why Long Xueyi didn’t use the tribulation, and later

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