Title of the book: The discord between the emperor and daughter in the Holy Land and the Tongtian family has long been nothing new. “This is more than half of the reserve of Peach Blossom Holy Land!” Mu Jialan said nothing, because Jing Xingliang had already decided to gamble, and he thought he would win. Chen Xiang felt that the big fish had already entered the net, and now it was time to close the net. As soon as he unleashed his mana, he cooperated with the vastness of consciousness to burst out from between his eyebrows, and directly poured it into the alchemy furnace, speeding up the speed of congealing the alchemy! “It’s time to condense alchemy, have you used all your consciousness? The consciousness of a high-level alchemist is really not covered, it’s really powerful!” said a young man. He is an alchemist, but only a low-level alchemist. That’s all. At this moment, all the bettors felt as if their hearts were about to stop. The audience was very quiet, and they all held their betting breaths. Everyone’s eyes were focused on Chen Xiang, making him feel the pressure of baccarat. Especially those who bet a lot, if they lose, it is equivalent to bankrupt Bet9ja, especially Dan Wang Tan Sheng! Msports If Chen Xiang wasn’t a local tyrant, he would definitely not be able to catch so many big fish by throwing out so many heavyweight baits. Chen Xiang was also nervous at this time, but more excited and excited, especially when he saw the pills in the pill furnace slowly condensing and forming! “It’s almost a success!” Chen Xiang suddenly calmed down, he couldn’t make a problem at this juncture, otherwise the success would be in vain. Chen Xiang’s state of mind at this time also made many strong people secretly admire, not everyone can calm down at this time, once some alchemists are affected, the Online Casino will fail, and Chen Xiang, from the beginning to the end, Not only are there many influences, but also

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