The whole Qingfeng City was shaken. The two high-ranking and noble emperors who made a high-profile appearance in Qingfeng City before flashscore, now their heads were blown away and embedded in the city wall, and they died miserably! How powerful are the Tongtian family and the emperors of the Holy Realm. They are all people who have survived Nirvana for several calamities at a young age. Rumble can say that the future is boundless. With such a powerful force behind them, they will survive the tribulation without any worries and can ascend without hindrance , but is now gone. Although Chen Xiang was a surprise attack before, but the strength he displayed was still strong, and he actually overwhelmed the two heavens and emperors. This made the other emperors and heavens who had been watching the battle secretly be wary of Chen Xiang. Originally, they also robbed Chen Xiang. The 1xBet idea of ​​the magic knife, but now they have to weigh it if they want to make a move. “Miscalculation, if we don’t protect those two trash, we will definitely kill Chen Xiang!” Feng Jiatian’s face was full of anger. Although she was wearing a veil, she was rumored to be a peerless person. Without losing the charm of being light and dusty. Ji Xian didn’t think so, she would never let Chen Xiang die, only when Chen Xiang was alive could she get back that apron. “It’s useless to regret it!” Ji Xian looked at the distance, that was the direction in which Chen Xiang was escaping, Chen Xiang used the earth to flee to the outside of the city, she could clearly feel the aura of Chen Xiang’s Spinmatic. It is precisely because Chen Xiang is sure that these two days will not attack him, that he dares to attack without leaving room. Even if Feng Jiatian wants to kill him, Ji Xian will never let him die. After the Feng family and the elders of the Baihai holy land came back, they would definitely vomit blood. Their two proud emperors were actually beheaded, and they died so aggrieved that they didn’t even have the chance to fight back.

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