Ji Meixian’s jade hand holding the sword trembled slightly, but she breathed a sigh of relief, because she thought that Chen Xiang’s sword had exhausted all his strength. “What skills do you have, just show them, I will definitely not let you go today!” Ji Meixian said lightly, there was no wave in her eyes, Chen Xiang was just an ant in Paripesa’s eyes. “Rage dragon real madrid slash!” Chen Xiang yelled in vain, held up the divine knife, and slashed down suddenly. The world that had just been calm became crazy again, and the remaining tyrannical aura around him turned into countless angry dragons, and bursts of roars covered the world. The blue light was dazzling, and the saber energy turned into a green dragon, roaring and charging towards Ji Meixian a hundred feet away. Ji Meixian’s face paled immediately, but Chen Xiang was able to use this attack calmly, which showed that Chen Xiang had a very strong Spinmatic Qi. At this time, she had been covered by the forebet Qi of the angry dragon’s sword, and the terrifying green dragon with flashscore had already Locked on her, in desperation, she once again used “Running Dragon” to fight back. This time, ten dragons rushed out of the vast white sea above her head, condensed on her sword, turned into power, and sprayed out from the tip of the sword, forming a huge white-winged dragon with a huge mouth, thinking To swallow the dragon. “Subduing the dragon and returning to the vitality!” Chen Xiang baccarats his chest with a horizontal knife, gripping the handle tightly, the dragon power in his body is running violently, only to see that the green BGaming Dragon Slayer Demon Knife is covered by white dragon power, and at the same time it is still shining with fire thunder. Chen Xiang roared in a low voice, the magic knife shook, the dragon whistle shook the sky, pierced the clouds and cracked rocks, and saw the dragon power, thunder and lightning and the fire of the universe intertwined together, turning into a white thunder and lightning fire dragon, closely following behind the green dragon, Rush towards Ji Meixian! “Boom!” Although there was a gap between Chen Xiang’s two moves,

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