Chen Xiang was expressionless, and he swore in his heart that as long as he had enough strength, he would surely wipe out the Feng family. He was so shameless. No one in LiveScore dared to snatch his magic sword like this, and kept asking him to hand over the Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Dragon Come la liga. “You don’t mean to say that this knife came from the ancestors of your Feng family!” Chen Xiang said lightly. “It’s very possible that only our Tongtian family understands the ancient spirit pattern above!” said a middle-aged man. Chen Xiang wanted to slap him to death immediately, he actually dared to say that he said he was shameless, but this was the first time chelsa saw such a shameless person. “Who are you? How dare you stop me.” Chen Xiang said coldly. “We are members of the Feng family. As for our names, you are not worthy to know them. If you are sensible, you can obediently place the fairy artifact on the Slot Games with both hands, and come back with us to confess your sins, and then hand over the Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Kung Fu. We can give you one.” The whole body.” Chen Xiang snorted: “The bullshit Tongtian family, 1xBet used to be no different from robbers, nested in the turtle shell to improve its strength for so many years, now the Three Worlds War started, but took advantage of the fire!” “Desecrate our Feng family, you die It’s settled.” A middle-aged man said angrily, and with a palm strike, the Msports wind surged violently, and the strength of the palm was like countless swords, covering Chen Xiang. “Those who survived the second calamity of Nirvana!” Long Xueyi urged. Chen Xiang is strong, and he is not afraid of those who face the Nirvana Tribulation. He is holding a magic knife, and his whole body is boiling. The five elements of live betting seem to be exploding in his dantian. His whole body is full of anger, like a peerless mad god. Was irritated in general. “BetWinner Fury Dragon Slash!” With one slash, it was as if the world was about to be cut open, with the aura of the sword being overwhelming,

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