Chen Xiang felt that he was unfamiliar with this place, so he didn’t expose this woman, but deliberately asked a little shyly: “Sister, why are you here? What’s your name?” Seeing the handsome and strong man in front of him The man in red was so shy, the woman in red smiled sweeter and more charmingly, and deliberately twisted her fiery body that made the man want to see it. (Www.liverpooliaaiou.om) “Little brother, you are so cute. My sister is a big celebrity. She is well-known in several cities around here. No one dares to bully me. Remember my sister’s name.” The tall red dress The woman came to Chen Xiang’s side, and found that Chen Xiang was a head taller than her, but she still stretched out her jade fingers to caress Chen Xiang’s handsome face, and looked at Chen Xiang’s timid eyes with winking eyes. . “My sister’s name is Han Jingxuan, can you remember?” The woman stood on tiptoe, whispering Orchid in Chen Xiang’s ear, the tingling and charming voice made Chen Xiang’s heart a little moved. This Han Jingxuan’s seduction technique is really good, Chen Xiang didn’t expect to be molested and seduced by such a witch just after coming to the casino slot, he felt that luck was pretty good. “Sister Jingxuan, can you take me out of here? I’m lost.” Chen Xiang said. “Of course, little brother, your name is BetWinner.” Han Jingxuan held Chen Xiang’s hand, with a sweet smile on her face. “Shen Fei.” Chen Xiang made up a fake name. “Brother Xiaofei, why did you come to this kind of place? Did you escape from it?” Han Jingxuan held Chen Xiang’s big hand, feeling Chen Xiang’s strength, and she was even more delighted to find a Sportybet a strong man Leap to pick up, that’s very rare

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