The red-haired woman punched very fast, and countless red shadows of fists enveloped Chen Xiang. Surebet247 seemed to be able to pierce Chen Xiang’s body with every punch, but what surprised people was that Chen Xiang could Avoid 22Bet one by one. “Shameless!” Chen Xiang cursed, grabbed the empty door of the red-haired woman, and slapped it with a palm, hitting that very charming face fiercely, his palm touched the slippery Behind the cheek, there was no pity for the fragrance and jade at all, and ten explosions erupted, which turned out to be the tenth level of subduing demon energy. This kind of power can do a lot of damage to demons, and it has been verified now. The woman’s face was swollen a lot, and the beautiful jade teeth of Endorphina were all shattered by the violent Premier League power. The original beautiful Slot Games’ face is now beyond recognition. “Big Sister!” The three men and one woman who were watching hurriedly snorted, Paripesa’s face was full of anger, but they didn’t make a move, because they knew that the red-haired woman didn’t like others to intervene in her battle. And Chen Xiang just smiled, scooped out a large mirror and threw it over. When the red-haired girl saw her ugly face beyond recognition from the mirror, her face was full of anger. “I’m going to tear you apart!” the red-haired woman burst into anger. At this moment, Chen Xiang asked: “Are you from the Demon Eye Clan?” This is what Bai Youyou told him, this red-haired woman has seductive eyes, another man has Holy Demon Eyes, others The three must have it too, but they didn’t say it. “That’s right!” The red-haired woman immediately responded, turning into a red shadow, and flew towards Chen Xiang’s man city. The speed was much faster than just now, and the red claws were still on Chen Xiang’s cheeks.

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