Search: search by letter, Spinmatic, and the little thief directly enters in Baidu: chicken leg is good or chicken leg is good, and he will enter the reading interface faster. But met Wu Kaiming. “Little Master Uncle, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Wu Kaiming has become much younger since he passed the Eight Tribulations of Nirvana, and he looks vigorous, but he still looks like an old guy when he talks. “What is it?” Chen Xiang asked while walking. “Recently, a Dan League appeared. It is said that it was jointly founded by several prestigious alchemy kings. The headquarters of the Dan League was built in the King’s Continent. It is now almost completed, and many alchemists have gathered. Conduct a competition to choose a leader, do you know the news?” Wu Kaiming said, he is a member of the Wu family, and he is the most well-informed about the news of the King’s Continent. “I don’t know.” Chen Xiang also wanted to see those Alchemy King competitions: “When will it start!” “It will start tomorrow, Msports heard that the alchemists who were invited to enter the Alchemy League were all very famous in Roulette’s world before.” Yes, Second Senior Sister and Hua Xiangyue were also invited, but they didn’t go.” Wu Kaiming said. Chen Xiang rubbed his nose, and said: “Evolution game, I, Pragmatic play, can be regarded as a relatively famous alchemist in the ordinary martial arts world, didn’t they invite me!” Wu Kaiming shook his head: “Your talent is good, but your qualifications Not enough, maybe his forebets really look down on you, although you have the life-saving pill in Parimatch, but they know that it must not be refined by you!” “Too underestimated people.” Chen Xiang snorted: “So there is without it

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