Share this site by book title and author: Style settings Recommended reading: Tips: The reading record at the top of the page will automatically save the reading record on your computer, no need to register Marvin was slightly moved. Betting didn’t know the language on these parchments, but he could tell them apart. This is the language of the ancient goblins. Before the fall of the goblins, this race also created a very brilliant civilization. Their attainments in engineering are comparable to those of gnomes. Marvin didn’t know much about how the ancient goblins fell, but the ancient goblins were good at engineering, and he had learned from betting. “It seems that these parchment records are the engineering knowledge of ancient goblins.” “I don’t have a part-time engineer, and I don’t seem to be able to read the knowledge of nobles.” Use baccarat.” Marvin didn’t understand the writing, but he could read the pattern. On the parchment, there was a lifelike pattern attached. If he guessed correctly, it should be a very famous creature in engineering—a mechanical gargoyle. It seems that this treasure chest was not dug out by these goblins, maybe it was something they passed down from generation to generation. Marvin put away the parchment BetWinner and the jewel casino Slot of unknown material. There are many kinds of azure blue gemstones. He is a rookie in the two fields of geology and gem identification, and he basically doesn’t know the origin of this gemstone. This requires finding a professional gem appraiser. However, the gems that can be put together with the blueprints for the manufacture of mechanical gargoyles are not that bad. out of thin air

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