In the Demon Conquering Academy, Chen Xiang walked with his hands behind his back, swaying the Premier League. At this time, he had transformed into a student of the Conquering Demon Academy. This student was originally a middle-level disciple. A hated guy, his aptitude is not bad, but he was unlucky, he was targeted by Chen Xiang, and then he was stripped naked by Chen Xiang and hung on a tree. “This guy is really annoying. Although he has a good face, women always hide away when they see it.” Chen Xiang was walking on the Betting road of the Demon Academy, and many people showed disgusted expressions when they saw him. look. Chen Xiang’s transformation technique is perfect, now he has BGaming’s memory of that student, so he pretends to be very similar to Msports, and now he has entered the Conquering Demon Academy very easily, otherwise it would be very difficult for him to pass through that university Even if you open a space door, it won’t work. After entering the Demon Conquering Academy, Chen Xiang quickly returned to “his” residence, then hid inside, and performed the Nine Heavens of Immortal Travel, according to Wang Shengren’s memory, he found Natai Yunhong. “Little Fat Dragon, have you found that guy named Modian?” Chen Xiang has now found poker Tai Yunhong. It is on the top floor of a high tower, but the top of the tower is protected by a very powerful formation. Can’t go in, but can hear voices inside. “When we arrived at Real Madrid, that guy walked towards the tower. He should be there to let Tai Yunhong.” Long Xueyi’s Immortal Travel to Nine Heavens is much more powerful than Chen Xiang’s, she can release many divine senses at the same time, wandering in all directions , can quickly find the target, but Chen Xiang can only release one now, and the distance is still limited. Chen Xiang waited patiently, the

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