Qingfeng’s introduction to the works of the little thief. As for the struggle between forces and forces, Chen Xiang doesn’t want to participate in it, and it’s not his turn to participate in the Evolution game, but he can take advantage of it, or take advantage of it to rob. What he has to do is to learn those rumble magic martial arts, and master the alchemy of paripesa making earth-level low-grade alchemy, and prepare to compete with the elder alchemy. ┌féaffiliate “Xiao Maotou, uncle, I have already signed up for the Demon Conquering Martial Arts Association. At the beginning, you have to watch me. Liu Meng’er and Hua Xiangyue are both in retreat now. They can’t take care of me anymore.” Chen Xiang reminded that if Gu Dongchen was there at that time, the people from the Conquering Demon Academy would not dare to mess around, so that he could perform on stage with peace of mind. “Little uncle, you really have a way to sign up. Do you use your own name?” Gu Dongchen asked in a little surprise, Chen Xiang should be hated by that god son now, and his strength is very strong. Strong, the Son of God actually let him sign up. Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Of course it’s my name. If there’s no other way, Endorphina won’t be able to be your uncle, hehe…I didn’t expect people from the Blue Blood Clan and the Wu Clan to come so quickly.” Yan forebet Yanran and Lan Lan After going back to report, those old guys felt that it was necessary to talk to Gu Dongchen face to face, so they rushed over as quickly as possible. There are still three days before the Demon Conquering Martial Arts Association will start, and now BetWinner is not interested in knowing what they will talk about when they form an alliance, so he ran to the secret room to practice. More and more old guys gathered in Gu Dongchen’s mansion, most of them were the heads of some small powers, and this Betway move also attracted the attention of Vulcan Temple and Jiangmo Livescore Academy, Vulcan

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