After reading this article, after Chen Xiang came to Purple Flower Mountain, Yunzhu fused with Fire Soul and White Star awakened his innate ability. This is all due to Chen Xiang’s Msports. Yan Zilan has to admit that Chen Xiang is indeed a very Nairabet powerful character. With a mysterious veil, it makes people feel that he is affiliated with a very powerful and mysterious world. If it is not for Shen Betway Xiang to admit it, Yan Zilan can not believe that Chen Xiang is from the mortal world. Bai Xing is covered with holy baccarat white light Xia lingered. Suspended above the awakening formation. Her curved eyelashes trembled slightly. She opened her beautiful eyes slightly. Her pink and jade-like cheeks were full of sweet smiles. She said softly: “No Thinking about my background is like this. I am not a disaster star.” She was still floating above the formation. The stars in the sky seemed to be much brighter than usual. Her quiet and beautiful eyes livescore Online Casino Online Casino. Looking at the twinkling stars, “A catastrophe like you. I want as many as I have. I’m not afraid of getting into trouble.” Chen Xiang smiled and walked to Bai Xing’s side. But Yan Zilan was in vain for Chen Xiang. One glance. Although she knew that Chen Xiang and Du Yanyao were pretending to be husband and wife, she couldn’t see how Du Yanyao thought about Chen Xiang. “Thank you, Mr. Shen.” Bai Xing smiled softly, very grateful She looked at Chen Xiang seriously. Because since she was a child, she has blamed herself very much. She has killed many people and even the benefactor who took her in. Now she knows that it is just a coincidence and has nothing to do with her. This makes her She felt more at ease. She was worried that Yan Zilan and Yunzhu would be dragged down in the future. “You don’t need to thank me. Because I still need you to help me a lot.” Chen Xiang said to

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