.In the evening, under the reflection of the beautiful sunset, the small courtyard in the City Lord’s Mansion is extremely beautiful, and what is even more beautiful is that a woman in white is holding a snow-white long sword and dancing. #fhzwchampions leaguew For Chen Xiang’s sudden appearance, Du Yanyao is no stranger to it. She also can’t understand Endorphina, why Chen Xiang can always approach her easily. She hasn’t seen it since the fair started. Chen Xiang, this made her somewhat worried. “Where have you been these days?” Du Yanyao asked softly, if it was before, she wouldn’t ask too much. “At the trade fair, NetEnt, I met Yan Zilan. She has promised to let you practice with her. When you don’t become the city lord, you can just find her.” Chen Xiang smiled slightly: “This sword is easy to use, right? !” After hearing this, Du Yanyao was very happy, but she, who was always cold, just smiled, Betting looked extraordinarily beautiful despite this. fhzww “This is a fairy sword, so it must be easy to use.” Du Yanyao said, “You really have a way to get Immortal Fairy Zilan to let me practice sports betting with her!” “By the way, Fan Yakun has come to you several times, I didn’t expect this guy to cause Nairabet such a big trouble by rumbling in the family, and he was able to escape so quickly!” Chen Xiang was startled, and hurriedly asked: “Where is he now, I was sent by him, can this guy Running from here to the world of ordinary martial arts is indeed quite capable, what mistakes did he make in the family!” “He entered the forbidden area of ​​their Fan family and robbed several tombs, which is a capital crime, but Betking is now To be able to participate in the alchemy competition safely and soundly, he must have settled the elders in the family. ωωω.fhzww” Du Yanyao said

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