Error:, Book title: Demon-suppressing bloodline has been obtained (). But Chen Xiang couldn’t go back to Liverpool immediately, because he couldn’t go back, but his baccarat could still go back, but his current strength was not enough, and he couldn’t use Luo Tianmen to open a space door that would pass through the mortal martial world. He can sense the marks in the Mortal Martial World through the Luo Tianmen, which is the most exciting thing for him. After all, the Mortal Martial World is just a low-level world, and the space is very thin. It is very easy to pass from the high-level world, but Na Luo The Tianmen still surprised Chen Xiang, it was fine if he could cross the space of the same level, but now he could go from the high world to the low world, which made him suspect that this Luo Tianmen was not a product of the mortal world. Walking out of the Poison Immortal Demon Forest, Chen Xiang hurried back to the Holy Pill City. He originally planned to use the Luotian Gate, but found that the space here is very strong. It is very difficult to open a space gate, and it consumes a lot of money. It takes time, and there will be a lot of movement. This is something he has never encountered before. So he had to go back to Bet9ja on Endorphina Road. “What is Slot Games doing in such a hurry? Does Mozzartbet want to tell that beautiful city lord of Roulette that you brought her grandpa back so that she can thank you and win her favor?” Su Meiyao teased, with strong jealousy (). “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m just BGaming and want to go back to participate in the Holy Pill Meeting in a hurry. I have to hurry up, refine the earth-level pill, and then improve my strength and return to the ordinary martial arts world.” Chen Xiang said, he always felt that Paripesa wanted him With this level of strength, in this world where there are many immortals, he has no sense of security at all. When he returns to the world of ordinary martial arts, even if he can’t beat him, he can still escape. In Shengdan City, it has begun to become very

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