In the dark night, Chen Xiang looked towards the place in front of where the strange aura was wafting. He suspected that it was the Poison Immortal Slot Games Demon Forest. Anyone who could enter would be poisoned to death. This shows how terrifying this forest is. But Chen Xiang is not afraid, he has cultivated the Demon Suppressing Golden Body, which is invulnerable to all poisons, and he wants to see how Du Peng brought Du Yanyao into the Poison Immortal Demon Forest, if Slot Games and they really have If there is a way to prevent the virus, if they go into the forest, he intends to go in before them and snatch the purple flame dragon flower. “Since it is the Poison Immortal Demon Forest, you must be able to survive after being poisoned. You must have eaten something to detoxify. Otherwise, once you are poisoned inside, even the gods will not be able to save you.” Du Yanyao looked directly at Du Peng, It made Du Peng feel an inexplicable Spinmatic oppression. Du Peng nodded and said: “Miss is really well-informed. I did take a kind of flower, so it can save my life. If I take it in advance, I think it can resist the poison in the Poison Immortal Demon Forest for a period of time! “Du Yanyao was slightly startled, and asked: “Oh, what kind of flower is the flashscore? On the contrary, that kind of poisonous gas may be absorbed all the year round, so it has the ability to resist poison, but I am not sure if this is the case, and I would like to ask the eldest lady to identify it in person!” Du Yanyao nodded, and then ran with Du Pengfei, Headed towards the Poison Immortal Demon Forest. Chen Xiang, who was flying in the air, was also secretly thinking about whether to continue to follow them, or to snatch the Purple Flame Dragon Flower away before them. “Follow them first, I think that kid named Du Peng is a bit weird, his body is a bit strange, but I see

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