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Lumigan eye drops offer us a good choice for treating our eyelashes problems.It's time to say goodbye to your terrible lashes with applying Lumigan,you will get the charming and sexy eyelashes in a matter of weeks.using Lumigan every day following the instruction,more advantages you will receive,besides,it's good for curing ocular hypertension and open angle the increasing of patients who have the glaucoma,Lumigan bring more hopes for people to cure their eye diseases,at the same time protect their eyes from the further harm.buying the high quality Lumigan eye drops,enjoying more discount and free shipping to all over the world.

Lumigan ingredients:

Lumigan eye drops contain the active ingredient bimatoprost 300mcg/ml, a synthetic analogue of prostamide used to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma. They also contain sodium phosphate dibasic, sodium chloride, citric acid monohydrate purified water and the preservative benzalkonium chloride; sodium hydroxide and/or hydrochloric acid may be added to adjust PH. (An applicator is not supplied in the packaging, but a very fine eyeliner brush is suitable)

How does the Lumigan work for enhancing eyelashes?
Lumigen eye drops 300mcg/ml is used to treat hypotrichosis, which is when eyelash growth is abnormal or not sufficient to give you adequate or enough eyelashes. Lumigan eye drops contain bimatoprost, a synthetic analogue (mimic) of a naturally occurring chemical called prostaglandin, which is thought to be involved in hair growth and works by increasing the length of the active hair growth phase. Lumigen eye drops can help you grow eyelashes that are longer, fuller and darker than they were before.

How to use the Lumigan ?

You should use your Lumigan eye drops 300mcg/ml once nightly, by applying to the to the base of the upper eye lashes of each eye. (An applicator is not supplied but a very fine eyeliner brush is suitable) Do not apply to the lower lid. Also avoid touching other areas with Lumigan eye drops, as this may result in unwanted hair growth. Before applying your Lumigan eye drops, ensure that your face is clean and makeup and contact lenses are removed. If you are using an eyeliner brush as an applicator, ensure that it is clean before each application. Place one drop of Lumigan close to the tip of your brush and immediately draw the brush across the skin of the upper eyelid margin where the eyelashes meet the skin, starting from the inner part of your lash line to the outer part of your lash line. Any extra solution should be blotted with a tissue. Should any Lumigan solution get into your eye, there is no need to rinse out the eye.This will not harm the eye. You may reinsert your contact lenses 5 minutes after application of the Lumigan. To avoid contamination by bacteria known to cause infections, ensure that the tip of the bottle or brush does not come into contact with your fingers or any other matter. You should begin to see results within 8 weeks with maximum eyelash growth by 12-16 weeks. If you stop using your Lumigan eye drops, your eye lashes will return to their original condition, within a few weeks or months. If you are using Lumigan for reducing your intraocular pressure or if you have glaucoma, you should not use Lumigan eye drops for eyelash growth.


People who shouldn't apply Lumigan:
1.are allergic to bimatoprost or any of the ingredients in Lumigan eye drops
2.are pregnant, intend to become pregnant or breast feeding
3.have liver, kidney or respiratory disease
4.are wearing contact lenses, you should remove your contacts and replace them after using Lumigan eye drops

The side effects of Lumigan:

The most commonly reported side effects when using Lumigan eye drops include: red congested eyes (conjunctival hyperaemia), growth of eyelashes, itching, irritation or inflammation of the eye (conjunctivitis) and eyelid (blepharitis), sensitivity to light, an increase in colouring or pigment of area around eye, visual changes, eyelash darkening, darkening of the iris, headache, dizziness, infection (primarily colds and upper respiratory tract infections).










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